Frequently asked questions

1. What is Wagr and how does it work?

Wagr is a smart location and activity tracker for your dog. It consists of:

1. Wagr tracker
2. Wagr app

The tracker attaches to your dog’s collar and allows you to track your dog’s location and activity through the Wagr mobile app on your smartphone.

2. What are the key features of Wagr?

Wagr currently comes with the following features:

a. Location tracking - Using GPS and cellular technology, the Wagr tracker tracks your dog's location and alerts you if they ever leave Safe Zones. The latter can be created using the Wagr app.

b. Activity monitoring - The Wagr tracker uses motion sensors to calculate the amount of rest and exercise your dog gets everyday. To ensure he or she is getting enough, the app allows you to set a daily activity goal based on your dog’s breed, weight, age etc.

c. Walk tracking - The Wagr app allows you to track your dog's walks by keeping a record of routes taken, distance covered and more.

d. Multi dog support - The Wagr app allows you to track up to five dogs using the same app.

e. Multi user support - Invite up to three family members or friends to join your pack on the Wagr app. Work together to take better care of your dogs.

1. How much does Wagr cost?

The MRP of the Wagr tracker is ₹6999. Apart from this, you’ll also need to purchase a monthly subscription plan for the SIM inside the Wagr tracker. We have monthly (₹129 p.m), quarterly (₹99 p.m) and half-yearly (₹79 p.m) plans for the same.

Our new batch of Wagr arrives in February 2021. Reserve now for ₹99 to get a special offer! For offer details, visit here.

2. Why is there a subscription cost?

The Wagr tracker comes with a pre-installed SIM Card powered by Vodafone and Idea, to ensure that you are able to track your dog wherever there is cellular coverage in India. Cellular technology also greatly improves the accuracy of GPS based location tracking of the Wagr tracker.

We've partnered directly with the telecom companies to provide the cheapest rates as mentioned in subscription plan. This is much lesser than the cost of purchasing and maintaining a SIM yourself.

3. Can I try out a Wagr before purchase?

Yes, we can give you a demo of Wagr and how it works. However, currently we are restricted to Bangalore. For other locations, we can schedule a video call with you and give you a demonstration.

Drop in a mail to for a free demo.

4. Do I need to buy a separate SIM Card to use Wagr?

No, the Wagr tracker comes with a pre-installed SIM card powered by Vodafone and Idea.

1. Where can I get a Wagr?

You can reserve your Wagr here.

2. How long do I have to wait to get my Wagr after purchasing?

Once you reserve your Wagr, you will be the one of the first to be notified to purchase Wagr in February. You will get Wagr within 7 days of paying the remaining amount and placing the order.

3. Will Wagr work outside India?

As the Wagr tracker uses an Indian cellular network provider, it’s location tracking feature will not work outside India. However, Wagr’s activity monitoring feature will work all over the world provided you have a Wifi connection at home. We will be adding operators in other countries soon.

1. How is Wagr different from a microchip?

While microchips and RFID tags are an important part of pet safety, they are a passive technology, compared to Wagr. For a microchip to be useful, a lost dog can only be traced back to the owner if the vet or shelter it has been taken to has access to the right database with the owner's information. This process could take weeks or months, especially in a country like India.

Wagr’s technology lets you know as soon as your dog gets lost and allows you to find him or her immediately. It's an active process and ensures that your dog never gets lost. Ideally, using Wagr in tandem with a microchip will give you the best chance of finding your lost dog."

2. Is the Wagr tracker waterproof?

Yes, the Wagr tracker is waterproof. It can be submerged in up to 1 metre of water for upto 30 minutes. It has been tested under controlled laboratory conditions and has a rating of IP67 under IEC standard 60529. But keep in mind that splash, water, and dust resistance are not permanent conditions, and resistance might decrease as a result of normal wear. Liquid damage is not covered under warranty.

We would recommend that you remove the tracker when letting your dog swim and while bathing. If the tracker does get wet, do ensure that you dry it for at least 5 hours before charging it again.

3. How big is the Wagr tracker?

The dimensions of the Wagr tracker are 7.9 cm (l) x 4.7 cm(w) x 1.6 cm (h) and it weighs 29 gm. The attachment mechanism adds an extra 0.5 cm in height and 3 gms in weight.

4. How long does the battery last?

On average, the battery lasts for up to 4 days, depending on usage. Activities such as using Track Mode, Walk Tracking etc. uses up the battery more. The app will alert you if the tracker is gets low on charge and needs to be recharged.

You can reduce the battery consumption by setting up Wifi on the tracker. Wifi uses much lesser battery power compared to the SIM card.

5. How do you charge the Wagr tracker?

Wagr comes with a micro-USB charging cable in the box. Attach the USB end of the cable into any safe, compatible, USB port, and the microUSB into the Wagr device after removing it from the collar. The LED light will turn orange to indicate that it is charging, and will turn green once fully charged. Your app will also receive a notification once the Wagr tracker is at full charge (takes roughly 2 hours). You can then remove it from charging and reattach it to your dog's collar.

6. What sensors does the Wagr device contain?

The Wagr tracker contains a GPS sensor for location tracking and a 6-axis accelerometer & gyroscope for activity monitoring.

Additionally, the tracker has Wifi as well as a GSM (SIM Card) module for communications."

7. Does the tracker sense vital statistics like heart rate, temperature etc?

The current version of the Wagr tracker does not contain bio sensors to track vital statistics. Instead it tracks your dog's activity trends to determine if there are any deviations from normal behaviour. We will be adding biosensors amongst other features soon.

8. Does the device fit small dogs and puppies?

Yes, the Wagr tracker can fit on small dogs and puppies. We've designed Wagr to be as small and light as possible to meet this very criterion.

9. What collars will work with Wagr?

The Wagr tracker can attach onto dog collars with a width less than 42 mm. The exceptions to this are chain collars and collars with indentations such as spikes.

1. Where can I download the Wagr app?

You can download the Wagr app at either of the links below.

iOS (10.0+)
Android (4.0+)

2. Can I use the app without the tracker?

Right now, the app works only with the Wagr tracker. We will be adding new service based features in the app over the course of time to enable it to function as a stand alone app as well.

3. How many dogs can I track using the app?

You can track upto five dogs on the same user profile.

4. Can I add friends and family to my Wagr account?

Yes, you can invite upto three family members or friends to your Wagr account. On submitting their email IDs, they will receive an email with a special Invite Code, which they can then use to get access to your account.

1. Will the tracker be uncomfortable for my dog?

The Wagr tracker has been designed in such a way that its height is minimised, meaning it protrudes very little from the collar. Your dog should not experience any discomfort at all while wearing it.

The attachment mechanism has also been designed keeping your dog's safety and comfort as the highest priority. The part in direct contact with your dog's skin is made of a rubber-based material which is not a known allergen for dogs and causes no discomfort whatsoever.

2. Is the Wagr tracker chewproof?

The Wagr tracker is extremely sturdy and can withstand the normal rigours of a dog's life, but nothing on earth is 100% dog-bite proof.

Having said that, most episodes of this kind happen when another dog chews your dog’s Wagr tracker, which would otherwise not be reachable by your dog, if properly secured on the collar.

3. Is it safe for my dog to have an electronic device close to him?

Yes, the Wagr tracker is completely safe for dogs.

The Wagr tracker comes equipped with power optimisation algorithms which ensure that the communication modules (Wifi and GSM) are kept powered down most of the time. This significantly minimises the amount of radiaion emitted by the tracker, lesser than what phones and other electronic devices in your house emit.

1. Where do I go for customer support or technical related questions?

We're here to help you resolve any issues with your Wagr tracker. You can check out our Help Center or get in touch with us by emailing us at or calling our customer care number 080-470-97599.

Monday - Saturday
9.30 AM - 6.00 PM IST

2. Where can I learn more about Wagr?

You can check out our Help Center to find out all you need to know about Wagr.

3. What is the warranty for Wagr?

The Wagr tracker has a one-year product warranty from purchase date. If you experience any technical issues within one year of purchase, we'll troubleshoot and replace the device if necessary without charge.

Note that the product warranty does not cover damage or loss of the Wagr tracker.

1. What's included in the Wagr box?

The Wagr gift box contains the following items.

a. The Wagr tracker
b. 1 USB charging cable
c. 1 Collar attachment accessory
d. Quick Start Guide

2. Can it be used for cats?

Technically yes. The location tracking feature will work perfectly for cats (and everything else), but the activity monitoring feature is currently calibrated for dogs. But if your reason for buying is to keep a track of your cat's location, you should definitely go ahead.

3. Are you hiring?

Yes we are! Check out our Careers page for more details.

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